Welcome to the Matasolve Academy

Matasolve Academy is an exemplary training institution in which learners achieve a maximum ability through rigorous, engaging curriculum and systems of support that cultivate the potential and promote the well-being of every learner, the institution is committed to provide educational training and development needs in line with the government’s skills development strategy and to prepare learners for lifelong learning in the democratic society and the global community.


We offer hands-on learning in our patient care units, our classrooms and our labs, guided by accomplished faculty who practice what they teach…”

“We are located in Pretoria, Pretoria is a dynamic city that gives you unparalleled opportunities to not only enhance your skills but to network and collaborate with other students across disciplines…”

Community service, you can play a role in Matasolve Academy’s commitment to improving health care outcomes in underserved communities in south Africa.

We strive for a learning community where people of all backgrounds feel welcome and supported, with the opportunity to share their stories.

We promote learning initiatives that teach students of different disciplines how to work together and deliver high-quality, team-based health care.

Matasolve Academy strives to ensure that our facilities, programs and services are fully available to each and everyone.

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