Course Name: Skills Programme in Occupational Health and Safety (Safety Representative)

Course Code: 99714 – (SKILL-SHE-REP)
Credits: 21
NQF Level: 5
Duration: 5 Days
Accrediting Body: QCTO
Accreditation No: QCTOSDP011191018-1835
Delivery Mode: ContactOnline

The purpose of this Skills Programme is to prepare a learner to operate as an Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner.

An Occupational Health and Safety Practitioners serve as a facilitator and advisor to employees and management regarding safety and health aspects in the workplace including the monitoring and inspecting of the workplace and the recording and investigation of incidents and accidents. They also implement and maintain Occupational Health and Safety systems in order to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.
Programme outcomes.
• 226302001-KM-01, Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety, Level 2, 9 Credits
• 226302001-PM-01, Represent the needs of employees with regard to Occupational Health and Safety matters, Level 3, 8 Credits.
• 226302001-WM-, Exposure to the workplace examination processes, Level 2, 12 Credits.
• 226302001-WM-02, Exposure to the processes of representing the Occupational Health and Safety needs of employees, Level 3, 4 Credits.

Credited learners are capable of:
• Inspect workplaces and environments to identify the occupational health and safety hazards and determine the risks associated with the work.
• Facilitate and support actions to eliminate or control hazards in order to minimise risks in a designated work area.
• Represent the needs of employees with regard to Occupational Health and Safety matters.
• Participate in the planning and implementation of operational Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
• Monitor and continually improve the effectiveness of operational Occupational Health and Safety systems.


• OUTCOME 01: Roles and responsibilities of the Occupational Health and safety representative as set out in the relevant legislation (Intermediate)
• OUTCOME 02: Legislative requirements related to Occupational health and safety (Basic)
• OUTCOME 03: Definitions of and difference between Occupational Health, Occupational Safety and Environmental management. (Basic)
• OUTCOME 04: Concept of behavioral safety management (Basic)
• OUTCOME 05: Concepts and principles of emergency preparedness and response (Basic)
• OUTCOME 06: The principles of hazards identification and risks assessment(Basic)
• OUTCOME 07: Principles of safe working practices in and around the place of work (Intermediate)
• OUTCOME 08: Techniques of accident and incident investigation
• OUTCOME 09: Roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders in a workplace regarding Occupational Health and Safety (Intermediate)
Who should attend?
Line managers;, Production Manager, Factory -workers, Builders, Miners, Health Practitioners, Office administrators, Security personnel Human Resource managers, Cleaners are trained in these processes to develop, implement and monitor the effective use of these global best practices.
Career opportunity
At the end of this programme, you will be able to practice as Health and Safety Representatives.

Articulation (Further Studies)
National Diploma: Occupational Safety, Level 5 (ID 79808)
Certification: QCTO accredited course

Course delivery mode: Contact / Online
Programme code: 99714 – (SKILL-SHE-REP)
Recommended price: R 4500.00 per candidate (incl. VAT). Includes facilitation, assessment, materials, certification and moderation.
Duration: 5 Days

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